Expert Ghost CMS Launch Services: Setup, Configuration, Optimization

From technical hurdles to strategic decisions, we streamline your Ghost site launch for success.

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What's Included

Leave the technical details to us and focus on creating the content you love.

Guided Self-Hosted Setup

We'll install Ghost CMS securely on your chosen hosting provider, including DNS setup and SSL configuration (using Let's Encrypt or Cloudflare's free SSL unless a custom certificate is provided). This ensures a smooth and worry-free launch.

Performance & SEO Optimization

Your site will load lightning-fast and be configured to attract search engines from day one.

Theme Selection & Basic Customization

We'll help you find a theme that aligns with your vision and make essential adjustments like fonts and colors. We'll also install and configure the theme for a seamless experience.

Essential Features Setup

Contact forms, content organization, robust newsletter configuration (including Mailgun setup for Ghost), and basic integrations to streamline your workflow.


Yep! 🎉 I can now have multiple blogs @Ghost under the same base server at $5 @digitalocean. Big thanks to @InoryumLTD 🙏
~ Frank
AMAZING experience, thank you! Inoryum!. Super fast and expart knowledge in everything Ghost/server related. they even helped with with some hosting/Digital Ocean stuff.
~ Victor Gonzalez


What is needed to get started?

To ensure a seamless launch process, there are a few key items I'll need from you:

  • Hosting Choice: If you haven't selected one already, we'll discuss the best hosting provider for your specific needs.
  • Domain Name: Let me know your domain name (or we can help you register a new one!).
  • Content & Assets: While not essential for the initial setup, any existing content (text, images, logos) that you have ready will help streamline the customization process.
  • Vision & Goals: Share your overall vision for your site. It will help guide the theme selection, feature setup, and optimization decisions.
  • After Booking: To begin, We'll need access to your chosen hosting account, your domain's DNS settings, and your Mailgun account (or we can assist you in setting one up).

What hosting providers do you recommend?

We use and recommend AWS for its flexibility and scalability. Other popular options include DigitalOcean, AWS Lightsail, GCP, Vultr, and Contabo. Each offers advantages depending on your budget, expected traffic, and technical preferences. Let's discuss your specific needs to determine the hosting solution that's the perfect fit for your Ghost site.

How long does the launch process typically take?

The launch process varies depending on the complexity of your site and feature requirements. On average, most launches can be completed within 24 hours. We'll work together to create a timeline that meets your deadlines.

Can you help with content creation for my launch?

While our primary focus is on your launch's technical and setup aspects, We can offer guidance on content strategy and best practices for SEO-optimized content. If you need assistance with writing or editing, I can recommend trusted content creation specialists.

I have an existing site. Do you offer migration as part of the launch?

While basic setup for a new site is included in this launch package, complex migrations are often best handled as a separate project. This ensures we dedicate the necessary time and attention to a smooth transition. We'd be happy to discuss your migration needs and provide a quote for our full-service migration package.

Do you offer more advanced theme customizations as a separate service?

Yes! While this launch package includes basic theme tweaks. If you're envisioning a unique design or need complex functionality, let's discuss your theme customization needs. Learn more about our Advance Customization Services

What is DNS, and why is it important for my website?

DNS (Domain Name System) is like your website's address book. It tells computers where to find your site when someone types in your domain name (like Without DNS, visitors wouldn't be able to reach your site.

How do I secure my Ghost site with an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate makes your website more secure and trustworthy. It encrypts data sent between your visitors and your site, protecting passwords and sensitive information. Most web hosts offer ways to easily install an SSL certificate (like Let's Encrypt) for your Ghost website.

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