Aesto Theme Documentation

Thank you! for downloading our Ghost theme Aesto. Please Follow the instructions to setup the theme for your Ghost Blog

Theme Installation

  • Log in to the admin section of your Ghost blog
  • Select Design from the left-hand side of your admin area and go to the INSTALLED THEMES section.
  • Click on the Upload a Theme green button.
  • An upload box will open, then choose the theme Zip file
  • Once uploaded. Click on Activate now button to activate.


After installing & activating the theme the next step is to configure the search. In order to make the search functionality work we need to create content API from ghost admin & then need to put the API key in Ghost head. To create Content API follow the steps

From Ghost admin, click Integrations from the sidebar menu, then click + add custom integration.

Now, give the new integration a name, for example, Search and click Create.

Now the new Content API is Created. after created the page will look like below

Next, click Code injection from the sidebar menu and add the following code to the Blog Header box and replace the XXXX value with your Content API KEY.

  var content_key = 'XXXX';

Click Save & your search functionality will be working Just Fine.

Enable Disqus

Go to Code Injection and add the following code to the Blog Header box and replace the XXXX with your disqus Identifier

     var disqus_shortname = 'XXXX';

Click Save & Disqus Comments will be displayed on your Post Page

Members / Subscription

Subscribers can be enabled via a checkbox on the Labs page (Labs > MEMBERS (BETA)), in your Ghost admin panel:

Once enabled, you will see the options listed below:

  • Signin & Signup links on Navigation
  • Members & Paid Members CTA when post access is defined
  • At footer a newsletter form 

Follow these steps in order to make the Membership features work.

In Ghost Admin

  • Upload routes.yaml file - routes.yaml file is provided in your theme compressed folder. To upload the routes.yaml file go to
    - Labs
    - Scroll down a bit
    - & within
    BETA FEATURES section you will see routes 

    - Then click Upload Routes YAML  & Upload the routes.yaml file which is provided into the theme folder
  • Connect Stripe
  • Define Subscription Pricing
  • Define Default post access

To edit plans feature, you can edit the partials/membership/plan.hbs file.

Tags Page

To create the Tags page:

  • From the Ghost admin Pages section, create a new page and call it Tags for example.
  • From Page settings, select the Tags template from the Template dropdown.
  • Publish the page.

Authors Page

To create the Authors page:

  • Create a new page and call it Authors for example.
  • From Page settings, select the Authors template from the Template dropdown.
  • Publish the page.

Contact Page

To create the Contact page:

  • Create a new Page and call it Contact for example.
  • Add your content and the contact form code using FORMSPREE as a service. Please check the code example below.
  • Publish the page.
  action="[email protected]"
  <label class="it-label">
    Your Name:
    <input class="it-input" type="text" name="name">
  <label class="it-label">
    Your Email:
    <input class="it-input" type="email" name="_replyto">
  <label class="it-label">
    <textarea class="it-textarea" name="message" rows="7"></textarea>
  <input type="submit" class="it-button it-button-primary" value="Send">

Theme Translation

Aesto supports Ghost i18n and comes with English & Spanish translation. You can easily translate it to your desired language. 

To use another available language than English, go to Admin > General > PUBLICATION INFO> Publication Language and enter the Language Code Reference.

Lets add a language that is not included in the theme. In this case we take German language as an example..  to do that go to your theme folder & look for Locales folder
Then duplicate the en.json to de.json as de is the German language code & replace the texts with your German Texts.. 

If you face any issue please create an issue on github & we will check that up for you